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Senior Engineer - Backend (4+ years)

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India, India
In today's world of limited attention spans, the only way to get someone's attention is by making your message relevant, timely, and, most importantly, visually-appealing. Every business is trying to get our attention and this problem gets harder each day as we split our time between more apps.

Businesses are now using banners and videos at every customer touchpoint, beyond the obvious use in ads. Open your 5 favourite apps and see how many creatives they use in them to get a sense of the scale of creative content that teams have to make. Multiple products, offers, languages, platforms,....all make content creation a massive challenge for businesses that Photoshop and other pre-Internet era software were just not designed to solve.

Rocketium is building what today's fast-moving, high-growth businesses need - rapid creation, massive scale, intuitive collaborative features, creative analytics and more. Rather than focusing on Adobe or competitors, we focus on our customers - some of your favourite brands. We help them grow by using visual content to run more relevant campaigns faster with a 50x lower design effort.

What you'll be doing
In your role as a Senior Backend Engineer at Rocketium, you will be a cornerstone in a vibrant team steering a plethora of pivotal initiatives. This position not only grants you the chance to deepen your expertise but also to be a key player in propelling our fast-growing company to new heights.

Our backend team thrives on autonomy, spearheading projects from conception to execution. You will forge strong alliances with Product Managers and other key figures, playing a decisive role in sculpting feature outlines. Your journey begins with crafting detailed engineering design documents post the finalization of product requirement documents, fostering a collaborative environment where your insights are valued and integrated into collective strategies.

As a seasoned professional, your influence extends beyond development; you will be instrumental in orchestrating rollout plans and adoption blueprints, thereby shaping our forward-thinking roadmap. Envision yourself leading and contributing to groundbreaking projects such as:
  • Crafting a robust infrastructure adept at managing a surge of notifications with negligible latency.
  • Building an auto-scaled system from scratch, integrating elements like queuing and caching to address pressing business needs.
  • Engaging in profound dialogues to weigh the pros and cons of microservices versus monolithic architectures, steering the team towards the most beneficial approach.
  • Overseeing systems that cater to millions of requests per second, enhancing performance through scalable strategies.
  • Orchestrating a smooth database transition from self-hosted to managed setups, ensuring uninterrupted service.
  • Designing a multi-cloud framework that amalgamates the prowess of diverse cloud platforms, guaranteeing reliability and efficiency.
  • Leveraging AI to develop models capable of discerning patterns in creative content, including artworks and designs.
  • Developing a swift and efficient data pipeline that can handle the ingestion and processing of millions of records without compromising on speed and performance.
  • Excel in Customer Support by analyzing trends and proposing solutions, improve on-call processes, collaborates cross-functionally on bug fixes, and employs advanced debugging strategies for complex issues.

Who you are
  • 4+ years of solid experience as a Backend Engineer, with expertise in handling large-scale projects using TypeScript/JavaScript, Python.
  • Comprehensive understanding of database systems and adeptness in query optimization.
  • Skilled in establishing and following best practices in API development and integration.
  • A penchant for crafting simple, sustainable, and scalable solutions, with a proven track record of developing enduring systems.
  • Agile learner with a proactive stance in adapting to the evolving SaaS landscape, prioritizing substantial business impact over mere code expansion.
  • Proven leadership in fostering collaboration and drawing actionable insights from various organizational sectors, steering teams with a visionary and inclusive approach.
  • Trusted figure in building and nurturing cross-functional relationships, commanding respect and trust across all organizational levels.
  • Source of inspiration and motivation for new team members, often being the catalyst for engineers opting to join your team.
  • Dedicated mentor with a deep-seated commitment to nurturing the growth of both engineers and managers, emphasizing personal development and mentorship.

Your future teammates
  • Leadership - Anurag (Product), Karan (Sales,Success), Santosh (Engineering), Dhruva (Marketing), Satej (CEO) 
  • Engineering - Anand (Senior Engineering Manager), Himanshu (Senior Software Engineer), Anish (Senior Software Engineer), Gowtham (Senior Software Engineer), Rajeev (Senior Software Engineer), Shubham (Staff Software Engineer), Somya (Principal Architect), and more... 
  • Product - Gunjan (Senior Product Manager), Parth (Product Manager)
  • Product Design - Nafees (Director Design), Nived (Designer), Karthik (Designer)
  • And more from Customer Success, Marketing, and Sales

Prepare for the process

Beyond the pay check
  • 8-4-5 working hours: We make sure you keep your balance work and life while achieving your goals. 🎯
  • Working model: We're a hybrid team i.e. each team works from the office up to 3 days a week. ⏰
  • Stock options: All Rocketium members are rewarded with ESOP for trusting us in our journey. 💰
  • Bi-annual performance appraisals: Because no one should be made to wait 365 days to be rewarded for their efforts. 🙂
  • Unlimited vacation policy: We actively encourage taking time off. We trust each other to act in our own best interest along with our team's. 🗺
  • Physical & mental wellness support: Our corporate partnership with Cult.Fit enables us to provide sponsored as well as subsidised service subscriptions. ‍💪
  • Health cover with OPD benefits for you and the family: This includes your partner, kids, and parents. 🏥
  • Learning budget: To enable you with the right resources to grow better and share your learnings with the community. 📈
  • Meals & munchies: Teams that eat together stay together! 🥗
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